UV Curable Coatings have been around for almost 50 years, but they have only recently become a major segment of the overall worldwide coating market.  Why?  The answer can be as diverse as the substrates and applications that currently use this technology as an enabling solution. 

  1. Lower applied cost and return on investment- UV curable coatings, while typically more expensive than their conventional counterparts on a per gallon basis, are actually lower in overall cost once the complete process is taken into account.  Much of the savings are speed, coating performance, and energy usage related. 

  2. Performance- UV curable coatings provide protection for hundreds of materials and items you interact with everyday, from CDs/DVDs to your cell phone to your automobile.  The extremely scratch resistant and tough coatings resulting from this process can be used in almost any application on almost every substrate.
  1. Environmentally friendly- these coatings also have no VOC or other environmentally hazardous materials.  No HAPS, no VOC, and lower energy usage means that they are the greenest technology available. 

XSER Coatings was founded to drive the use of UV coatings into the industrial application not applied market.  We are dedicated to solving our customer’s unique needs with our range of commercially available materials as well as our expertise in custom developing UV curable coatings for any application.

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