About Us

XSER Coatings was started by John Braddock to provide specialty UV coatings for a wide variety of end-use markets.  All of our lab personnel have over 20 years experience formulating UV curable coatings and hold multiple patents and have written over 40 technical papers. We are focused on the specialty UV coatings market, and can provide materials for virtually every market.  Please see the Products section to see what we currently offer.  We can also provide EB curable coatings. 


John Braddock has worked in the UV curable market for over 20 years.  He has worked extensively in a wide range of acrylate and cationic epoxide based application market areas, including industrial coatings like wood, metal, and plastic coatings; inks and other graphic arts areas; and specialty areas like adhesives, photopolymer plates and composite applications.  Previously, he has held New Business Development Manager positions at DSM Desotech and RAHN USA. 

He also ran Akzo Nobel UV Resins’ North American business for seven years responsible for sales and technical oversight of Akzo’s energy curable product range.  His first foray into UV cure was at Union Carbide Corporation, where he focused on the cationic UV curable field for ten years.  He has worked on development of new oligomers and diluents for both cationic and acrylate chemistries.  He has been an author on over 30 scientific publications, and inventor on two patents.


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