Composites is a relatively new area for UV cure technology in that it has been traditionally based on thermally or two pack mix cured unsaturated polyester/styrene chemistry. However, styrene has a number of health and VOC issues, all of which are solved by the use of acrylated monomers in UV curable formulations. In addition, UV cure is a lower cost application due to the lack of thermal drying ovens. This can result in significant energy and gas savings during production. UV can also run faster than thermal and in a smaller plant footprint. It is also a one-pack system so provides lower waste.

Currently, UV cure resins are used for FRP, topcoats to replace conventional gel coats, fiber winding applications for sporting goods, cured in place pipe, cure in place repair, and a myriad of other applications have moved to this new technology.

XCure™ 401- thermally cured resin for FRP applications based on DCDP backbone unsaturated polyester. Fast thermal response, excellent water resistance, and high degree of flexural integrity.

XCure™ 402- UV cured base resin for FRP applications with very similar properties to the thermally cure version, XCure 401.

XCure™ 403- UV cured topcoat resin for use with XCure 402. Helps encapsulate fibers in conventional and UV cure base resins.

In the event that our stock products do not meet your specific needs please visit our Custom Formulations page. These formulations can be modified in many ways, from viscosity to physical property modification to gloss level. Also, virtually any system can be pigmented to any color required.

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