We are also available to assist in your efforts to get into the UV/EB curable market.  This area is one of the few that have continued to show growth virtually every year over the past 40 years, regardless of economic conditions.  We can assist with the following areas-

  • Energy curable coating design- while this is an area that XSER Coatings is participating in, we can assist your development efforts with new customers and new market areas.  There are more than enough opportunities to spread the wealth!
  • Energy curable ink design- we can also assist in this area, for a wide variety of ink types like lithographic, flexographic, screen, inkjet, dry offset, waterless, etc.
  • Energy curable resin design- we have a large amount of knowledge in the chemistry of the actual raw materials used in these coatings and inks. 
  • Business development efforts- our very extensive industry contacts can be leveraged to help you in product launches, market analysis, and sales efforts. 
  • Equipment and design- we can assist with developing the correct application and curing equipment for your applications or your customer’s applications.
  • Raw material sourcing- since we have energy curable raw material backgrounds, we can help you with your procurement and and pricing issues.



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