This is another new application for UV curable coatings. Field repair and finishing of countertops is an excellent area for these coatings, given the high degree of scratch resistance performance typically encountered with correctly formulated systems. The performance and instant turn around helps get the counter back in service and protected for years.

Another new development that has helped drive this market is the advent of new and safer handheld UV equipment. Please contact us for our recommendations on this equipment since we have experience with most of the suppliers currently available.

XCure™ 301- high abrasion resistance topcoat designed for concrete and natural stone. Excellent adhesion and hardness with low yellowing.

XCure™ 302- more flexible basecoat for areas that need higher film build to hide damage or tool marks. Designed for compatibility with XCure 301 topcoat.

XCure™ 303- lower gloss topcoat with similar properties to XCure 301.

In the event that our stock products do not meet your specific needs please visit our Custom Formulations page. These formulations can be modified in many ways, from viscosity to physical property modification to gloss level. Also, virtually any system can be pigmented to any color required.

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