Field repair and refinishing of wood and VCT tile floors is another area that is a recent development in the UV curing coating market.  There are two different coating technologies here, one is 100% solids UV cure, the other being waterbased UV.  Waterbased UV has some advantages in these applications in that you can formulate a coating to “lacquer” dry, just like a conventional waterbased coating.  Passing a lamp over the dried coating then results in a higher crosslink density coating than what is available with conventional waterbased floor coatings which gives better abrasion and chemical resistance.

XCure™ 501- waterbased medium-high gloss UV topcoat designed for wood substrates. 

XCure™ 502- waterbased medium-low gloss UV topcoat designed for wood substrates.

XCure™ 503- high gloss waterbased UV topcoat designed for VCT tile. 

XCure™ 504- 100% solids UV topcoat designed for wood substrates. 

In the event that our stock products do not meet your specific needs please visit our Custom Formulations page.  These formulations can be modified in many ways, from viscosity to physical property modification to gloss level.  Also, virtually any system can be pigmented to any color required.


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